From our catering to the boats.



Prawn Buffet

350 g prawns with mayonnaise, aioli, bread & butter, cheese, dessert cheese, coffee & cake.
280 SEK

Seafood Buffet

250 g crayfish, 200 g prawns, salmon, mayonnaise and aioli. Hard cheese, swedish Västerbotten (cheese) pie, eggs with rum, bread, butter. Coffee & cake
400 SEK

*** We can also offer vegeterian or vegan alternatives if you order this in advance with number of persons. ***


For more alternativ

Contakt Malins-Skafferi

Nr: 031 – 69 19 39
Nr: 0706 – 94 26 80




Snacks and coffe/cakes

Eat as much as you can for

25 SEK p/p

Olives, sausage, cheese cubes
50 SEK

Flatbread Roll
Parma ham, cheese & sundried tomatoes
Or the West Coast Salad
50 SEK (1 decimeter in length)

Delicacy sandwich "Gangway"
Shrimp, eggs, smoked salmon, horse radish cream, roast beef with potato salad, cheese and dessert cheese
150 SEK

Coffee and cake
45 SEK

Coffee and Danish pastry
45 SEK

Coffee with cinnamon or vanilla bun
45 SEK


Shrimp Sandwich 160 g shrimp
140 SEK

Sandwich with cheese and peppers
40 SEK

Sandwich with cheese and ham
40 SEK


Coffee / Tea and Juice. Bread, butter, vegetables, ham, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, müsli
100 SEK


Chicken with Curry Sauce
Greek salad
Pasta Salad (salad, red onion, feta cheese, sundried tomato, avocado, pesto)
100 SEK


VAT will be 25%

White wine of the boat
Ecologica Torrontes Chardonnay 2012, Argentina
240 SEK / bottle

Red wine of the boat
Ecologica Shiraz Malbec 2012, Argentina
240 SEK / bottle

We have, and are happy to discuss other proposals regarding different wines.


Sparkling wine

240 SEK / bottle

Beer (mostly swedish 5,2 % alcohol) and other drinks

Högakusten 50 cl. 60:- SEK
Rådanäs 60:- SEK
Non alcoholic beer 45 SEK
33 cl Strong Cider 50:- SEK
Snaps & Avec 18:- SEK per centiliter
Water / Lightbeer 20:- SEK
Coca-Cola/ Sprite/ Fanta 25:- SEK

Of course, you are welcome with your own suggestions regarding the serving on board, we are trying to meet your requests if we have the opportunity and time.

All prices are without VAT 25% on alcohol and 12% on food.

Book on

Cancellation fee will be charged at 50% of the total price if the food / snacks are cancelled later than 7 days before departure and by 100% if canceled one day before departure or on the same day.

Menu onboard
Setting table

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